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second most populated

Virgin Gorda is the second most populated island (third in geographical size) in the BVI. Spanish Town, on the island's southwestern side, is the island's main town. Virgin Gorda is a major tourist destination in the BVI due to "The Baths," an unusual geologic formation. The Bath features giant granite boulders, sometimes resting on top of one another, that form stunning scenic grottoes that are open to the sea. A great destination for BVI sailing charters. People search a lot from mobile these days. These listing works like a charm when people search from their mobile as it has your number on the listing and all they have to just tap their thumb on the number and call gets generated from their mobile and they get in touch with you. People are too lazy and they just call that business which is easy to contact. So, if you are not listed on Google places you are losing your customers to your competitors. Google places are a very crucial part of Google these days as Google is giving lot of importance to local businesses.all the businesses these days as people search a lot about local businesses and these listings have phone numbers on Google and customers don't have to open the website and find your contact details. Cost of a click per keyword depends on the competition of the keyword.It's faster to gain listings instantly on Google's first page by Pay per Click as it only takes a day or two to set up a PPC Campaign but managing PPC Campaign is the skilled part. Google wants to engage businesses online. also called as like local SEO, local business directory listing, Google+ and a couple more but what that means is optimising your business listing on Google in a way that Google shows your listing on the first page for your business categori